Creating "Glowing" Objects

(Im very new to TD). In blender I created a glowing orb and animated it moving in and out of a box. The orb casts light on the box and is the only light source in the scene. I exported this as an FBX and imported it into Touchdesigner. The animation and geometry are all there exactly as expected but the orb does not cast light on the box ( or maybe the box does not register the light being emitted from the orb). How do I get the orb to emit light, or get the box to recognize the light being emitted, or is it something else entirely? Thanks for your help!

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on here without seeing your fbx.

That said, you might try adding a light into your imported animation and making it a child of the orb to see if that gets you closer to the effect you’re after.

And when you have the light itself functioning by doing what Matthew said above, you can fake a glow effect for the orb itself by using the colour buffer trick, as demonstrated by Pete Walker in this video:
(the glow effect is added around the 20min mark.)

Ah, thank you. Adding a light and making it the child of the sphere achieved the affect I was looking for.
Light Sphere A.2.toe (6.97 KB)

I’d like to learn more about using fbx geometries in TD. Can you attach the fbx for this touch example? (Light Sphere 2.fbx)

Light Sphere 2.fbx (199 KB)

Hey there! Came across the same problem. I’m trying to simulate the light from an LED strip hitting the surrounding walls. I’ve instanced the LED-s as spheres along a circle path. I’m also playing around with a bigger sphere and testing shaders on that but I can’t seem to make it actually emit light.
Screenshot (2).jpg