Creating particles from TOP

Hi there! After a few days of searching and following tutorials unsuccessfully I decided to ask for help over here.

Basically what I’m trying to do is to use a kinect input to create particles, instead of displacing them, and use sprites for each point.

The tutorials I have followed all cover different aspects and techniques (particle SOPs, particlesGPU) but I can’t figure out how to put the pieces together.

The closest I got is this project that uses RG channels from opticalFlow to generate points, but can’t figure out how to map sprites to them, or make them more persistent. I can’t post links yet, but it’s on YT as " Drawing with particles (Touchdesigner tutorial)" by noones img.

I think I can get points from opticalFlow (RG values can be displayed as points in it’s viewer), but not sure how to use them.

Any clues will greatly appreciated!

I just stumbled upon the answer with David Braun’s TouchDesigner GLSL Compute Particles Tutorial on YT, if anyone is looking for a similar thing.