Creating recallable "presets" for a constant CHOP

Hi - Is there a way for a constant CHOP to have recallable presets or snapshots?

I have a constant CHOP with 11 channels and would like to recall a variety of configurations of this CHOP. Is there a quick way to do this, rather than inputting the value of every channel manually every time?


Yes simply hit “Snap” on another constant to capture as a preset. Like this:

simple example attached.
Preset Example.toe (9.4 KB)

Hope this helps

Gotcha - thanks for this! I wasnt sure how to use the Snap feature but now I understand it. However - what would be the easiest way to recall these settings rather than just saving them?

I can see that if i route one of the presets Constant into the main Constant, I can recall it by hitting Snap on the main Constant, which is great. If i want to change presets, i’m having to manually link a different preset into the main Constant, then hit snap. Is there a slicker way to do this, where i can just hit one of several buttons to choose different presets?

Also, is there a way i can get the values from one preset to gradually fade to another - would something like a Lag CHOP work?

Thanks so much

Yes you could certainly build a button system or use an index to switch between presets like this:

SwitchPresets.toe (10.0 KB)

For fading between presets I think there are several advanced systems of Tweening here in resources and I have heard alphamoonbase’s Tau Ceti system is very good, but have not used it yet.

Check it out and if you like it please let me know as I need something myself.

Hope this helps.