Ctrl-arrowkey to jump over words not skipping par

Hi there,

This is not really a high priority RFE and just more a nice to have.
When using ctrl-arrow keys when editting text in for example a parameter field, it is possible
to jump over words, however when having something like parent().par.Parname, it jumps to
the end of parent(). (when I would expect it to end up at the end of par).

Perhaps this is a design choice, since I remember vaguely this was not the case in earlier builds (more than a year ago I think).

Anyways happens to me alot that I need to change the name of the parameter, so finding myself retyping ‘par’ or moving my arrow keys 3 times to the right :slight_smile:



Seems like a bug, I’ll move this to the bugs forum

There are a bunch of issue with text entry on macOS but I’m pretty sure it has always been like that. cmd+left/right have never worked correctly on macOS.