Cubase Sync with TouchDesigner


I was encouraged to post this here by Derivative support who offered some great advice.

Please let me know if you’ve had experiences using TD with Cubase to trigger the playback

I am a producer/musician working with a visual artist who uses TD. We have worked out visual/video clips based on my songs and they are matching in length.

During live performances, we will use two laptops with USB ports.

-My DAW is Cubase, which I use to play the backing tracks live along with audio clips between songs. It’s one long audio file and I press play once the entire set.

-Our goal is to press play on Cubase and it triggers his visual software to start.

-Both Audio and Visuals are already programmed to be in sync but that initial start must be perfectly sync’d via MIDI to keep things constantly in sync

-I was wondering if you could help with suggestions how we can link our laptops together via USB and accomplish this.

-Would I need some sort of Midi Clock Sync device which both laptops connect to to form the bridge? I could get MIDI to USB cables and connect to a MIDI Clock Sync box.

-Can this also be accomplished with a long Ethernet cable connected between laptops? (thankfully our laptops still have ethernet ports)



You can definitely send MIDI across devices using various external softwares. I’ve used
In TD, a simple midiinCHOP or midiinDAT properly configured should get you the data you need.

Hello Ivan,

I found that later yesterday after I posted this - i was searching all wrong.

Thanks so much for sharing the info…I’ll pass on the ops instructions to my VJ.

I found the iConnectivity mio2 which was linked on rtpMIDI page. I will connect via the mio2 or ethernet.

Would you know if USB via mio2 or Ethernet cable between laptops would be better?



Not my area of expertise, but I would guess USB is better.

I went with the USB too…

I’ve been an IT mgr for years and I’ve seen countless Ethernet cable ends break and unstable/shaky laptop ethernet ports. I’ve never seen a USB cable end break.