cubemap to fulldome / fisheye shader

I’ll mention that there is a new Projection TOP in the 50000 series of builds that does some work like this as well.

This is good to know. I’m comparing both Projection TOP and This fisheye shader and I do not notice a difference in performance however.

I have a question. For a fish-eye field of view that does not require the bottom side of the cubemap (I’m using 210 degree) would it be worth the trouble to hook up 5 cameras to a Cubemap TOP in order to not process the unneeded 6th side?

Edit: I tried it out. The 5 camera setup drops my frame rate by 10 fps so it’s heavier… but it does offer additional options in terms of “breaking the illusion” by adjusting each camera in a different way. I assume automating the 5 cameras could also make this system even slower.

That’s a good idea, parameters in the Render TOP to turn off rendering particular Cube Map sides would be helpful.

That would be great Malcolm! The vertex shader Fisheye 180 Render Top is good but without serious tesselation does not work.

Hi all, I know this is a very old thread but I was hoping I could find some assistance in converting the shader in this .tox for use with current GLSL versions as texCoord is depreciated now. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

I am wondering the same thing, but for 2022.29850 version. I don’t know GLSL yet but is there any easy process for updating this shader? Looks like a useful program. Thanks for any advice, gurus.

Hi there,

You can also use the ProjectionTOP nowadays which does almost the same. Though in any case I also updated the shader to run in the 2022 version. (gl_TexCoord.xy ==, and textureCube() should be texture(sTDCubeInputs[0],…)).


cube_to_fisheye.tox (6.1 KB)

Thank you very much @timgerritsen! I shall try this out. Much appreciated.