Cues, Scenes and Sequences


I have a question about building cues, scenes and sequences. For example, if it’s a live performance, how can I change the program from one to another? I can think of using buttons or keyboard to trigger some parameters?

Or do people set up time code or anything else? Is there anything like press the space bar so we can go to the next cue?

If there’s any related tutorials, please share them with me.
Many thanks!!

There is no pre-build way to use cues, scenes or sequences.
You can find some propositions in palette or on internet but the best way is to build your proper device…
I work mainly with theater and dance so I need something equivalent but I am happy not to be limited by cues (as in Qlab) or timeline (as in Millumin)
If I need cues, i build a system with tables dat and .csv files changing settings, activating/deactivating base comps etc.
If I need simple timeline, I use animation comp and If I need a more complicated one, I use Chataigne Chataigne | Chataigne
During the last Montreal Summit, I had given a master class about possible solutions.
Thats the beauty/problem of nodal software like TD or Max, all is possible but few is premade…
I want to make a tutorial about my experience but time is sparse!

Also the sceneChanger in the palette under “Tools” is pretty useful. I have used it for 3 shows.

TouchDesigner Documentation - Palette:sceneChanger (

The programmer Jarrett Smith who devised it has also made some good tutorial in the TD roundtable youtube videos. I think mid 2022 but there are probably other tutorials on youtube.

I still have trouble with audio switching though, so try to keep your sound separate from visuals if you can.

Hope this helps

Tua ceti was recommended to me, it seems like a very good option!