Curve / Illustrator Import and Drawing

It is time to have ANY possibility to import a curve
(as in: Drawn in Illustrator or a CAD software) into TouchDesigner.
It has been time years ago, now is hight time : )
There are so many worksflows that depend on it and yes, I know there are tricks to achieve it maybe, somehow for experts but it is such a basic, essential and important feature for Designers, you just want to use, not hack your way into.

Many people think is there, because of the SVG FIlter, but that comes in as bitmap.
Other think it is there because of FBX Import, but FBX doesn’t carry the curves into Touch.

I dont even want to talk about the possibility to DRAW a curve in Touchdesigner (as every advanced user with a few years experience can easily program that in 2 or 3 days) but import I want.


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Hi Stefan,

I was able to import an SVG logo somebody did in Illustrator using the following steps.

  1. AI export to SVG
  2. Edit the SVG to include width and height. Ragan had a post about this on his website.
  3. Import to TD using SVG TOP.
  4. Drop that on a Trace SOP.
  5. I then played around with the settings. Below are my settings for the logo I imported.
    Add Point Texture - Off
    Remove Borders - On
    Border Width - 0
    Fit to Curves - On
    Convert to Poly - On.

That gave me a closed primitive with about 1400 points.

I originally tried to attach a Convert SOP to it, but I got wayy too many points.

Hope this helps. :smiley:


  • 5000 Totaly agree!!!

I see that AI exports to DXF, so you may want to the FBX Component, in TouchDesigner which does accept DXF.

Hi Rob,
last time I checked the FBX didnt transport any curves…

Do you know if its being exported as line segments?
Some modelling packages convert curves to line segments unless explicitly instructed otherwise.
If you have an example in mind we can investigate.

But ideally, this should be done through the development of an SVG SOP.