AFAIK, the only way to create curves right now in TD is to use points and then connect them with an Add SOP? I’m talking about “drawing” curves, not extracting them from an existing object.

It would be great to have a SOP like Houdini’s Curve SOP. There are a bunch of Curve tools, but I don’t see any Curve generator…


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The Circle SOP lets you create an open arc. Is that kinda what you’re looking for?

Though limited, you can also use the model SOP, and create polygons and curves.
Place down a model SOP, right click and select “Model Geometry”.
Then select the 3rd icon to enter polygon/curve drawing.
In this mode you can also select between breakpoints, control vertices, or drawing the curve free hand.


That is really good to know about! I had never explored that little area of Touch.

Pretty clunky though, as the whole 3d UI and overall 3d manipulation tools are still…Hopefully the next upgrade will make that part of Touch a bit more contemporary :slight_smile:

Hey, this Model SOP could be really useful actually, I was struggling to find a way to trace nurb paths in space with custom Handles. It’s a bit old school but very precise though. TD has a lot of cool tools actually :), P

BTW maybe it would work to map the Animation timeline curve values (from its DATs which seem to have all the necessary control points info) to a SOP in beziers or nurbs? So you could draw your curves using the Timeline tool by hand, 2 cents, P