Custom attributes for Render Pick DAT not coming through

I’m using the custom attributes in the Instance3 tab of the GEO to make custom attributes available to the render pick DAT but despite quadruple-checking that the channel name matches the attribute name in the Render Pick settings, I’m getting only zeroes.

I can’t find an example of how this is supposed to work nor any documentation thereof so I’m wondering if I’m mistaken in thinking that I can access custom attributes set with this method through the Render Pick. I can confirm, though, that I can get to those values in a GLSL MAT with TDInstanceCustomAttrib0(TDInstanceID()).x.

Attaching an example of what I’m doing lest it helps.

container_render_pick_test.tox (4.3 KB)

Just learning here too. To test further, I make the Pattern CHOP channel be called DDD. Then On Geo’s Instance3 page, Custom Attrib X to be “DDD”. On Render Pick DAT I put “DDD” in Custom Attrib 1 parameter.

It does create a column DDD in the Render Pick DAT, and when I print event.custom in the callback, I get in the textport ‘DDD’: (0.0,)

as you say.

I add a Point SOP in geo1 and create a float attribute “GGG” with value .072. This creates a table column named “GGG” with value .072. So that works but I can’t get float2/float3 etc

So DDD and GGG seem independent. When I make them all DDD, only the value in the Point SOP .072 appears in the column, nothing from the Pattern CHOP.

So need to investigate further.

Thanks for looking into this Greg. I’m trying to use custom attributes to pack some additional identifying info into these instances for retrieval at picking time and while I could do it in the pick callback with some scripting, it’d be nice to keep it all in one place. Also just curious how this is supposed to work if it’s not what it appears to be.

looking further into it this week.

Sorry for the delay in answering. This is a known limitation right now. The Custom Attributes for Instancing are only available in the GLSL MAT, and nowhere else. You could create a GLSL MAT to manually pass those through to the Render Pick though. Attached is an example of doing that.
customPick.toe (6.8 KB)

The Custom Attributes in the Render Pick nodes refers to custom SOP attributes, not Instance Attributes

Thanks Malcolm gotcha about that being SOP attributes. I did have success with the custom MAT approach when testing. It’s good to know that’s the supported attribute-stuffing method.