Custom cplusplus CHOP: add custom label in a drop-down menu?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to create my own cplusplus CHOP, with the purpose to analyze some signals at the input (exactly like the Analyze CHOP). I want to have a drop down menu, to select what function to analyze the input. In the given sample of TD, I’ve seen this way of doing:

But whenever I want to use my own label (I have just replaced Sine by RMS) , the assertion failed when I import the dll in TD: (I wanted to upload corresponded images, but I’m not allowed for some reasons. I really only change the “Sine” string by “RMS”)

Do you know what I’m missing here ?

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The values in name[] must start with a capital letter and everything else must be lower case. “RMS” won’t work but “Rms” or “Example1” would. It’s the convention of custom parameters in general.

Labels can have “RMS”.

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Aaah ok, super. I should have read this page more carefully…
Thank you very much !