Custom cpp top operator for Zed 2 body tracking

Here is a test build that includes support for Skeleton tracking using ZED, if you want to try it out:


@malcolm super, thank you! Any word on when this will be in the official TD release? Thanks.

It’ll likely be a while still, we need to sort out the large installer size difference adding these AI models causes.

@malcolm or @studioanf What versions of windows/zed SDK/CUDA did you use to get this working? I keep getting crashes when optimizing the AI model. Thanks in advance!

I’m using Windows 10, the CUDA is what comes with TD (11.2 right now), what you have installed doesn’t matter. Similarly, the ZED SDK you have installed doesn’t matter, since it’s using that comes with TD.
I have a colleague that has the same issue though, so we’re trying to determine what’s happening.

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Can confirm, I’m running into the same issue with the build above: crash when optimising the AI model. Thanks for looking into it @malcolm!

Thanks for your patience, this should now be fixed in this build: