Custom icon for Touchdesigner window

Is there any way to display a custom icon instead of Touchdesigner’s:
2016-09-14 11_58_20-TouchDesigner_ C__Users_Nabz_Desktop_NewProject.1.toe.png

The idea behind this is we try to compensate the fact that we can’t build an .exe out of a td patch.

We want to have a “branded” software.

We did a first step toward that replacing the splash screen with this workaround.

I generally open my windows as borderless, this will free you to make your content as branded as you’d like.

thx raganmd

The trick is we want to display the borders to benefit from the resize capabilities of the OS windows.

You can hide the borders and still resize the perform window with your mouse, if you enable it.

But anyway;
Here’s a freeware utility to change the icon for any filetype in windows - FileTypesMan
(it works on win7/8 - I have not tested this on windows 10)

there’s a tutorial on this page, scroll to bottom for the FileTypesMan part: … file-icon/

and if you want to change the icon for an executable, see here: … .exe-file/

Thanks Idzard! I’ll look into these.

How do you enable resize on a window comp when you don’t display the borders?! That look interesting.

You have to set this in the container which the Window COMP is looking at.
Container parameters, Panel page, Resize (left/right/bottom/top).

Same with reposition.