custom .OBJ exporter


here’s a homebrew .OBJ exporter. it’s rudimentary - but works really well! you can actually drop .OBJ format geometry (depending on the options in your file) into Touch, and these come back in fine.

maybe someone else has done this before? i looked around but couldn’t find anything like this on the forums.

make sure your input geometry is polygonal. run the script at the end of the network.
OBJ_OUT.tox (1.2 KB)


Cool!) Usefull!


makes think it would be fun to have VRML import for breathing life into ancient projects.

Thats great. .OBJ format is useful for some 3rd party services Ive needed.


Long time post but, anyone has done exporting obj OUT of Touch?
Best! PG

Hi Priam. Looks like the original post is OUT of touch as you need.

Thanks Rob, I’ll check the file next time promise, :slight_smile: P

Attached is an amended version of this that supports both quads and triangles. :slight_smile:
OBJ_Exporter.tox (2.66 KB)

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It’s been awhile for this thread but I made an updated version that includes the UVs and Normals as well if anyone finds their way here for the same need…

Also fleshed out the UI a bit and added a UV unwrap from Bruno Imbrizi’s GLSL tutorial

Cheers to OBJs
OBJ_Exporter.tox (40.2 KB)


This is awesome thanks for updating! I have used this technique throughout the years and it is great :slight_smile:

I found a couple edge case bugs from my own experimenting just now, I’ve made some slight changes and colored the nodes red so you could see them easily/integrate into your main if you want.

  1. concave polys would export weird, so I added a divide sop to make sure all polys are convex.
  2. table4’s expression was creating empty slashes “///” in some cases, where faces earlier in the list caused the table to be wider, and thus contain empty cells down further below. added a quick if statement to fix that as well, keeping cells blank.
    (me.inputCell + str('/') + me.inputCell + str('/') + me.inputCell) if me.inputCell != '' else ''

NOTE: issue 1 is actually program dependent. Windows 10 3d viewer imports them with weird overlapping triangles where they shouldn’t be. However Blender is smart enough to recover the original intent, at least in my tests. So depending on where you’re importing it, that may or may not be a problem!

OBJ_Exporter.1.tox (41.3 KB)


Awesome! Thanks Lucas!

hello, I’m still having a lot of issues in exporting the current geo that I have created, I really need it desperately to export as obj or fbx to use it in other 3d programs, if anyone could help, I would be super thankful.

Hi @nicolas8484, you can save out basic meshes using .fbx by simply right-clicking on any SOP and selecting “Save Geometry…”, did you give that a try?

Hello, I’m looking for methods to export my geos from TD to .obj format. I saved it as .tog but it’s not what I need. I would like to drop geos from TD into Unreal Engine as moving backgrounds, objects. Anyone know how to do that or could point me towards right direction? I checked many tutorials but I haven’t found exactly what I need.

Shotout to all great creators in here.

Hello @oceanradiostation,

SOPs have the option to save out as .obj by simply right-clicking on any SOP and selecting “Save Geometry…”, for Geometry Components though this is not an option.