Custom parameter range min , range max as slider

trying to figure out how to set ‘range min/max’ of a custom int parameter, fed from another custom parameter on same page. … i.e I wish to build a visible slider interface to set range min and max of a custom param.on same custom page.



You would have to do that with a parexec that reacts to changes in your range parameters and sets the members with Python. There is no direct way to put an expression into the normMin/normMax members. Off the top of my head it would look something like this:

onValueChange(par, prev):
    if == 'Minimum':
        par.owner.par.Slider.normMin = par.eval()
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thanks, makes sense.

for some reason my version has (I guess you call them ‘members’ ?) ‘range min’ and ‘range max’ and im trying to figure out what the python syntax is …

tried ‘Rangemin’, ‘rangeMin’, ‘range_min’ …no luck yet. I’ve always wondered - how do I find the proper names of members (and ‘submembers’ ?[sic?] ) if there’s no clue when I hover over ?

Would the proper term be ‘sub-members’ or … ?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding. Post your toe or tox here with instructions to see the problem area or send it to

With the help of a Python buddy I got it
(my custom param ‘Goalposition’)

op(‘…’).par.Goalposition.normMax = par.eval()

the thing is my parameter children are called ‘range min’ and ‘range max’, but what you posted (‘normMin’, ‘normMax’) works … guess some updating needs to happen on my end or derivative, or both :wink:

I think when I said ‘members’ I mean ‘parameters’ and ‘children of parameters’ - sorry im not coming from a programming background so the nomenclature is not really something i have down.

Ah that’s what I was trying to show you in my example:
They are called normMin and normMax. I called it range min and range max in the dialog because it’s clearer language.

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Understood. I guess I’d like to know for future reference - where would i find this info on my own? I cant hover over ‘range min’ etc. to see the python name .

type normMin into the wiki. Miraculously and obscurely it’s there.

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