Custom parameters with "add" and "remove" buttons

Hi, I’m a newbie with TD and I’m trying to take my first steps.

I would like to create custom parameters with buttons to “add” or “remove” them in a group as happens, for example, with these fields:


but looking through the documentation I couldn’t find anything like this (probably because I’m a newbie to documentation too).

Could you give me some suggestions? : D

I saw that these are parameter blocks managed by the Sequence Class, but i can’t figure out how to instantiate it correctly.

With a bit of custom logic I think I can simulate something similar using the appendPar method of the Page class but, if possible, I’d like to understand how to use sequences.

P.S. there is an error in the appendPar documentation, I read this:

appendPar(name, Par=None, label=None, order=None, replace=True)→ [list of Pars]:

but it should be

appendPar(name, par=None, label=None, order=None, replace=True)→ [list of Pars]:

Currently parameter blocks are only available for built-in parameters, though we have
started investigating how best to make this available on custom parameters as well.

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Thanks for your answer,
currently not a necessity, but I find it a very useful feature