Custom python script + module

hello all… trying to get a custom python script into touchdesigner. Made some progress … I have code the python code working IDLE and have bought it into touch, when i run it i get no errors, but the issue is I get no output in the shell, it is supposed to return a value between -1 to 1. I also need to add this output to a table to the use in an art piece. Im pretty new to python and have felt my way through this project. Im running 3.8 python i think i have the paths right … unsure where to go next… any help appreciated. Image attached for code.

@kristianjones1981 welcome to the forum!

Working with external python libraries in Touch can be a bit of a rodeo. Is this a script that runs all the time or as a one-off? I’ll sometimes tackle these with a subprocess call:

though it really depends on your circumstances.

If you want to pull these external libraries into your project, we did a workshop about this kind of approach at the summit last summer:

Does that help you get started?

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thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Yes, lots here for me to look at and learn more. :slight_smile: