Custom Video Scrubber issues

Would appreciate any feedback who has created their own custom video scrubber. I know there is a powerful, scrubber in the palette but way more than I need.
Wrestling all day with 2 issues.

  1. Using a simple scrub bar to scrub the index value of my MovieFileIn TOP. Works fine whenever the index value is increasing (scrub forward) but only erratically if decreasing (scrub backwards). It works sometimes but often stutters or jumps values or simply sticks. I’ve tried using both Frames and Index.
    Does any one know why this happens? Any solution?

  2. The default Play Mode of my MovieFileIn TOP is Sequential.
    When I need to scrub I switch to ‘Specify Index’
    I am using the following set of Python commands after a lot of trying different things. Does this seem correct? Occassionaly the video frame doesn’t seem to update properly even though the index value is correct and this is why I am using a cuepulse.pulse().

op(‘moviefilein1’).par.cuepulse.pulse() op(‘moviefilein1’).par.playmode=1


Which codec is your video file? H.264 does not scrub backwards well, as the codec wasn’t really developed with this edge case in mind.

If you use a codec for your movies like HAP or NotchLC, bidirectional scrubbing should be butter smooth.

That’s kind of why the palette moviePlayer was developed. It’s tricky stuff. You can get a stripped down movieEngine by spitting it out on the External page. Its only UI is scrubbing when you click/drag on the image, so that may be OK for you.

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Thanks Greg!

NotchLC but reverse scrubbing is still sketchy.

Ah, good to know. Then I’d probably just stick with HAP.