Cycling through tops over time

Hi, so Im new (ish) to touchdesigner and I know a small bit about the software but there is still alot of basic things which I haven’t come across yet.

I am looking to swap between different pre made networks which all end in top outs depending on the timeline of an audio file in CHOP.

So for example 10 seperate networks which are all essentially
Circle Sop - sop - sop - Geo - render top - feedback loop - null

Square Sop - sop - sop - Geo - render top - feedback loop - null


Then I have music playing from a audio file in chop .
I would like to cycle between these tops in relation to the timeline of my audio say every 10 seconds swap from top 1,2,3 and so on.

I know there is probably some way using a switch TOP and an analyze CHOP and a logic CHOP somehow but I cant seem to figure it out.

Any help atall would be much appricated

You can see several examples how to do this if you click Help->Operator Snippets -> Switch TOP

Thank you!! op snippets saves the day once again.