D3 server with AMD Firepro-w9100..Low preform

HI Guys !!anyone as experience running TD in D3 server with Firepro-w9100 graphic card??the patch its basically 4 gpu particles sistems 4 rendersFULLHD , merged to one output with 4k resolution .
in the laptop with the NVIDIA1080 runs at 32fps , but today we just test the same patch in the D3 server and the fps keep going between 16 fps and 20fps…i was expecting more from this graphic card…maybe its because the GPU particles are not optimized tor AMD ? any thoughts about this low perform issue?

Looking up benchmarks online points to the firepro having half the performance of the 1080 (based on passmark at least). Sorry, not sure if anything else might be at play.

Do you need to run touch on the disguise server? You could run it on another machine and pass the image in using capture or NDI.

I have had pretty low performance in general from D3 machines. Is what your doing something you could do in Notch? I’ve had supersizing good results with the notch/diguise merger (although TD will always have my heart)

It’s my understanding that they manipulate the machine somehow to take more advantage of the CPU for GPUy stuff. I’m not sure if this is hearsay or not, but it might explain why TD is having such trouble.

heyy . we are using this D3 server because our Video Projector Sponsor just gave us this Server to use for free (its a shame dont use it) , but right now my laptop with 1080 have better performance than the D3server :frowning: … im not sure if the GPU particles Use NVIDIA cuda ,someone just told me that AMD don’t use cuda and the particle process automatically goes to the CPU im not sure about this , Unfortunately i don’t use Notch yet…

I also have witness mid to performance from the old 2x2 or 4x4, and we ended up with NDI from our latpop / workstation to get the content in.