Dat->Chop->Top->Chop Error

Hi all,
I am trying to turn table data into pixel colors and back but I am getting a strange interpolation error. It seems that when I crop a ChopTo TOP it does some interpolation even if extend is set to 0. If I turn input smoothing and viewer smoothing to nearest pixel there is still an error just a slightly different one. To show what I am trying to do I made a sample project. In the project both math 2 and 3 should be 0 for all samples.

Win 10 2019.15230

dat_to_chop_to_top_to_chop_test.2.toe (13.6 KB)

UPDATE: The issue seems to only occur when the crop TOP is used to more than double the width of the original

Any update as to what may be causing this behavior?

We were able to reproduce the issue here, but have not resolved it yet.
We will continue investigating though.

Thanks for your patience,