Data entry bug / cloud computer

am trying to use TOuch on cloud computer, works well apart from trying to input data with mouse multiplies by 100 !!! ie dropdown where you choose .01, .1 , 1 , 10 seems to default to 100

Yes sorry, this is a known issue. You’ll have to type in the values over this remote connection until we have a chance to fix this.

thanks for response - will save me hours of that "obsessive / crazy / gona work this out " bullshit !!

also, every time i log into Vagon, my Touch install asks for login again, and my licenses are decreasing !!

It’s probably because every time you start your Vagon instance, it’s a different system code.

Maybe a solution could be a floating cloud license but we’ll have to confirm this.

I’d suggest to contact licensing.


Yes, this case is what a floating cloud license is for. Cloud servers are usually a new ‘instance’ of the OS, so the system code changes all of the time.

ah !! how do I get one for non-commercial / free use??

so its not possible to use non-commercial License on cloud for more than a few times …

Yeah, that’s correct. We need to pay for cloud licensing system, so we can’t offer them for free, sorry.