Data from Touchdesigner to Arduino

Hi guys!

Recently I have been working on an interactive installation. Basically here is a metal arm will move forward and back with the sound received by mic. The arm will also stop moving when the microphone does not receive sound.

So I made this file and successfully extracted the data into 0 and 1 (when it received the sound will show 1). But when it referenced to Chop Execute no data comes to Serial. And also I am not sure how can I output this data to Arduino to control the servo motor.

I’m a beginner at Touchdesigner, Arduino and Python language, so any help appreciated :)) !

Hi @chaosi44,

sounds like an interesting first project.
To send data to the Arduino, you would make use of the Serial DAT’s send() method which you would call from your CHOP Execute DAT.
What is the code and the settings in the CHOP Execute DAT currently?

There are some short intro articles that might give you a bit more information:

As well check out for a list of arduino tutorials which might help with the general understanding of this.
Arduino – AllTouchDesigner

Also, for a very simple workflow and depending on if you can use Firmata for this, there is a Firmata Component in the Palette (Tools) which might make the process of controlling the arm much easier.