Data visualization examples/resources


I’ve been skimming through the forum and the web looking for good places to start researching into using TD for data visualization techniques, i.e., taking XML, CVS data Sources and visualizing them as tree nodes, sun bursts, hyperbolic trees, depending on the data modelling ideas. I guess this is a pretty generic question, but any pointers on how to build the above visualization modes would be extremely helpful.

I suppose what I’ve been looking for is the equivalent of examples at the bottom for dynamic data structures. This Resource is mainly for Processing and vvvv, but I think the same principles should be solvable in TD?

Any pointers appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I’ll be more specific.

Two particular examples I am interested in.

1. Force directed tree structures
From an XML file visualize data hierarchies as tree nodes.

(Interaction demo here:

2.Sun burst diagrams
Representing data hierarchies as a circular structure.

(interaction demo here:

What I’m looking for is some examples (even if a collection of them) of techniques on how to achieve the above.

Markus put together an extensive example of the Generative Design code pack here:

Hmm, I saw that, but none of the data viz examples are included, or am I missing something?

There is in fact a link to a downloadable zipped file under each of the image examples. … ive_Design