Datapath audio device in choppy

Hey there,

We are using datapath vision sc-hd4 capture card. While the video device in top works perfect - the audio device in chop brings the audio choppy… is there any thing I can do?

(Using VLC capture audio it works great)


We do not have any experience with this card, are you using ‘DirectSound’ drivers in the Audio Device In CHOP settings?

Double check that your Format parameter is set to the correct sample rate that matches the cards settings, this will cause major issues if they do not match.

Hey Ben, ( hihi years later…)

Thanks for the reply!
I am still struggling with the Audio Input of the device… When I sample the audio using VLC it’s perfect, but when I select the Datapath audio in AudioDeviceIn it’s choppy… no matter what settings I try…

I will keep trying to find how…

Any other thoughts?

Have the same problem . @malcolm did datapath send you a card ?

Still working on getting access to one.

I got access to one and have been working with DataPath. The latest news is that the issue is a bug in their driver and a fix is pending.

while you have the card could you also please check performance ? On my VisionSC-DP2 with a 4k @ 60 signal I currently get much better performance using Media Foundation than when using RGBEASY

CPU: 0.13
GPU: 1.10

RGBEASY: Automatic Transfer
CPU: 0.7-1.7
GPU: 1.1-1.8

RGBEASY: Async Transfer
CPU: 0.2
GPU: 1.4

CPU: 0.7-1.7
GPU: 1.1-1.8

I don’t have the card anymore but those measurements, especially when GPU Direct is involved, don’t mean it’s overall slower. The extra overhead of GPU Direct may be incurred on the main thread and measured on the GPU timing, but GPU Direct frees up the GPU processing queue to do more work vs. the transfer queue which GPU Direct makes use of. This gives you more overall GPU time for other work.
This is all re-done in the Vulkan branch too so at this point there isn’t much value in diving deeper on that.

I still don’t see any updated datapath drivers on their website. Do you have a contact @ datapath (and a ticket/issue number) so we can get in touch with them ?

No specific contact, just their support email address:
I’ve reached out to them as well to see if there are any updates.
The ticket is:
CAS-21991-N8H9V9 - Issues with audio capture CRM:009505042

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