DCP PANIC on Sonoma 14.14.1

When launching and working with TouchDesigner, my Mac OS frequently crashes. This issue occurred even on macOS 14.14.0, and upgrading to 14.14.1 did not resolve it. The time from launching the application to the crash varies.

This frequently occurs when using an external display, but it also happens even when not using one.

After conducting various tests, I have identified a consistent behavior that causes the Mac to crash. When opening the OP Create Dialog by hitting the tab key and then activating Mission Control, the Mac crashes 100% of the time.

While TouchDesigner crash logs aren’t generated in Console.app, the following log appears when my Mac itself restarts.

panic(cpu 2 caller 0xfffffe001ef9c01c): DCP PANIC - program_swap: Async Swap request landing on unsupported platform. Force panic
 - iomfb_driver(10)
program_swap: Async Swap request landing on unsupported platform. Force panic

RTKit: RTKit-2419.101.1.release - Client: local-t603xdcp.RELEASE
!UUID: dac9e761-2de3-35d1-9af4-b7f9a5ebd552
Time: 0x0000000068462da1

Upon researching “DCP PANIC,” I found similar crashes with other software on macOS 14.14.1, including Logic, Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol, and Telegram. (Source, Source, Source)

It is unclear whether the software or the operating system is the cause of the issue.

My Environment
MacBook Pro(2023) 16inch, Apple M3 Max, 36 GB, Sonoma 14.4.1
TouchDesigner Commercial 64-Bit Build 2023.11600

Thank you!


Thanks for the detailed report.

This is logged for a developer to look into it.


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Ive been working persistently on Mac M1 Max Sonoma 14.4.++ with no problems. Could be M3 only. I doubt Derivative can do anything but thanks for letting us know we will keep an eye out…

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