Decent budget projector with min 5000 effective lumens

Hi there,
I’m an audio guy , but Im assuming that projectors are like speakers so when they say 2000000000 million watts on a speaker it often only means 20 watts RMS - I believe the effective lumens is the real value - I am looking for a budget projector which has a minimum of 5000 ish actual (as opposed to BS) lumens - any recommendations ?

Lumens are typically pretty close as they are easy to measure and more standard measurements are used. Contrast ratio on the other hand you can never trust.

I’ve always found this site a great resource when looking at projectors.

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Thanks Ben - I’ve been studiously following your YouTube workshops online please come to Ireland one day!!! Yeah I’ve been perusing projector central I’m thinking BenQ as they are meant to have good contrast. While you’re here, I want to projection map onto plants (nice still ones) what would say was the best way to make a 3d model of the plants for touch? Photogrammetry? If so which software. Thanks for the awesome vids!!