DeckLink driver 11.0


It seems that Video Device In/Out TOP does not work properly with the latest blackmagic driver (Desktop Video 11.0).

In DeckLink Quad2, Although the device menu shows 8 ports, but they can not be selected properly.
Please update to use the latest blackmagic driver in the next release.

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OS: Window10 64bit
Video Capture: Blackmagic DeckLink Quad2
Driver: Desktop Video 11.0

I’ve had this same problem, have to roll back to 10.11.4. Resolume also starts to behave oddly - it feels like they’ve changed how inputs and outputs are configured, and everything defaults to inputs, or something along those lines.

I’m going to copy this into bug section.

Please use Blackmagic driver 10.x as we have not added support as of 2019.14650 for Blackmagic 11.x

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Running into this problem also however even rolling back to driver 10.x only partcially works … ie can only get one (of 8) ouputs working. I’m running the latest release of td 1580 and a blackmagic quad duo.

On thing to note is that all the outputs work fine on TD 88 with the same 10.x drivers .