Deepface not being accurate in TD


I am currently working on a project to integrate Deepface for facial expression recognition. I got it running perfectly with Pycharm, and it works really well. The problem is that when I try implementing it with TD it is dramatically less accurate.

I suspect this has to do with the preprocessing I am doing in TD, maybe I am doing something wrong. What I am essentially doing is taking the webcam operator and turning it to a numpy array so Deepface can work with it, so it should be pretty simple. I also tried Mediapipe hand gesture recognition and I had similar results (inside of TD it gets less accurate) so I really think I am doing the pre-processing wrong.

Here is a simple project file where if you press the button it will process a frame with deepface:
Deepface Forum.2.toe (7.3 KB)

Deepface Github:

NOTE: deepface is super easy to install, just pip install Deepface and it has pretty much everything it needs as dependencies. I just had to add Scipy I think. Of course, you probably want to install it in a conda environment or something to not mess with the modules TD uses. here is a startup execute on the project to set up your environment.

Thank you so much for your help in advance!