Default jellybean network explanation?

Hey y’all,

Is there an explanation of the default wiggly jellybean network anywhere (like, step-by-step “this is what this operator is doing”)? I’ve looked in a few of the beginner articles/tutorials and did a search in the forum but I couldn’t find anything.


the beauty of TD is that each node in and of itself shows you what it does with visual feedback… you can click the ? on a node for documentation of that node, or rclick it for op snippets with examples of several common ways that node gets used.

the default jellybean network shows a moviefilein loading a piece of external media, an animated noise chop being transformed by absTime, a common way to get an ever increasing value, a conversion from CHOP space to pixel data via choptoTOP, a common way to displace an image via pixel data from a second image, basic geometry texturing and material usage in the geoCOMP, and getting data from one level to the next with an out operator.

I’ve always thought that for example purposes, that geo should have a simple render network (camera, light, renderTOP) to demonstrate the simplest way to turn your geometry into a rendered video, maybe this will show up in whatever the next major update is after 099

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This is such a great explanation, thank you.

I think the place I was getting stuck was the geoCOMP. I wasn’t sure what it was accomplishing, but it sounds like it’s not actually affecting the output.

Yes, it only shows the TOP information being passed through. Add a camera COMP and a render TOP to the network to see how one might get that 3d SOP transformation back into TOP space and you’ll have an elementary render network

As you become more acclimated to the vernacular and workflow of the software, the realization that it’s all just signal flow to be manipulated as DAT, TOP, CHOP or SOP, transmuted to whatever your end goal may be is more obvious. The learning curve is a bit daunting, but it’s just a Swiss army knife and a bin of legos to help you build whatever you want

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