Deltacast I/O Cards

We are looking in renting some servers from a company who use delacast Input Cards (its basicly a Pandora Server). Seems like Touch does not support DeltaCast cards. Would it be possible to implement like the other SDKs (and with GPU Direct?)

+1 and the same for Datapath Cards (with GPU Direct).

AJA and BlackMagic might offer the best performance for the price, but there is a reason you won’t find them in professional media servers. Their drivers are just not as stable as their more expensive counterparts and I would gladly spend more money for a rock solid system. In my job I work with professional media servers (with Deltacast and Datapath cards) and custom built TD servers (with AJA and BlackMagic cards) and found the capture cards to be the biggest source of failures.

We’ve used Datapath cards in our TD servers for years. They’re great! Is there some specific functionality you’re referring to that’s missing?

The GPU direct transfer mode. I think the Datapath cards support this, but (if the wiki is correct) it is only implemented for Blackmagic and AJA cards at the moment:

Nvidia GPU Direct gpudirect - When using a Nvidia Quadro GPU, the GPU Direct mode and transfer the data directly from the video input device to the GPU and TOPs, thus reducing frame latency that would normally be introduced by downloading to the CPU first.

…For Blackmagic Design and AJA devices GPU Direct is also an option.