Depth extraction ZED Camera


I’m using the ZED Top operator to send a depth texture out form Touchdesigner.
I’m struggling to get the pinehole model working with the depth texture I have extracted.
I have my parameters from the camera - principal point and focal length - X&Y respectively -, but the projection gives me something wrong.

I was wondering if the ZED Top operator was processing the depth using:

zed.retrieveMeasure(depth_image, MEASURE::DEPTH);

then a conversion into a 16bits texture using :

                    // Convert to 16Bit
                    cv::Mat depth16;
                    depth_image_ocv.convertTo(depth16, CV_16UC1);
                    cv::imwrite(filename2.str(), depth16);

such as what we can find in the export example here.

Which would mean the texture values are already mapped to world coordinates?

Or is my model with the pinehole wrong?