Depth Video RGB-D video output format

Hello, I’m new to Touch Designer. It looks brilliant. I’m an fumbling experimental artist rather than a coder.

I would like to output an RGB + Depth video output file. So just linear video, but with a depth channel. This would be for editing in Blender or something.

Is there a way to do this? I can see in Movie File Out there are various point cloud outputs, but they are for still 3D models, and also plenty of video codecs. Do any of them offer depth that can be taken as a linear output?

Or is there a way round this - like an OBJ folder of frames, with the video as a texture?

Thank you for any info :slight_smile:

Depth data typically needs more precision than 8-bit. One option is to output .exr sequences - these can have a high enough precision to allow for saving out images that also have depth data.

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For absolute depth you’d typically want floating point formats, which are not clamped to 0-1 (or 0-255) range. That’s possible with TIFs (if you set its pixel format to 16bit or 32bit float), or with EXRs as Matthew mentioned. Just have it as an image sequence.

For video files, Prores 4444 can do alpha channel, which could be your depth, but I think it’d be clamped to 0-1 range.

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