Derivative : A 20 Year Retrospective - Part 1 - 2020-02-19 04:40

Derivative : A 20 Year Retrospective - Part 1

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Amazing to read about the history of Derivative! Thank you ben!
Seems like the CHOP viewer never ages :smiley:

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Ahhh so neat to see some of the highlights of how the story started. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing, inspiring, and can’t wait for P2.

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Amazing insight, look forward to the next edition!

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Only discovering TD and its community a couple years back its so cool to see how the spirit and energy of the early years still pervades development and the community today…nice one!

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Man this is really cool

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So cool to know the history, can’t wait for the part2 !
Thx for the 017, that run so well Hehe.

But my big Surprise :
VEX in Touch, This is a 2020 Feature !

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Aah I love story time! Thanks for this write up Ben, and for finding those images.
I didn’t start working in TouchDesigner until (alpha) version 077, so a lot of this story was new to me!

Looking forward to the next part(s)!

cheers Idzard

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How does Greg look identical now to that photo…

Bring back .top packages!

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I was surprised to see that too. Does it mean that some early version of VEX was part of Touchdesigner back in those days? I love using VEX in Houdini nowadays and was therefore curious about this :slight_smile:
Anyway this is great article.

Hi all :slight_smile:
Any update on Part 2?

Someone asked me about this yesterday as well! :thinking:
I’d like to revisit soon.


How about now :stuck_out_tongue:

No, not quite yet :joy: