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Be sure to check out the Derivative Wiki for the latest documentation.

We encourage everyone to collaborate on the wiki! If you have some tips, tricks, workarounds, or just find that something is not well explained, add your brain power to the collective knowledge base.

how do you want us to work with the wiki? directly edit it or put stuff in the discussion part first?

I recommend that we just change stuff on the wiki but have somewhere on the forum where these changes are notes so others can take a look to correct or query stuff.


Wiki has a pretty good built in auditing system so there really isn’t a need to make forum posts about changes you make to the wiki. We can see every change everyone makes on the wiki in the change log.

Yeah, go nuts in the wiki, it is there for everyone to add to. We can see changes and revert to old versions if we don’t like your smack talk! :wink:

There is also a Manual of Style we are slowly building that will set some guidelines on how we would prefer things to be formatted. Things like code snippets or headings etc.

Is there a central repository on the derivative wiki for current 068 tutorials like this one on build control panels? … Panels.asp

might i suggest the video tutorials be moved over to the video page on the wiki and the the written tutorials like the one above be listed in the tutorial section?

style manual is great idea.

how about a template tutorial page that we could paste our own stuff into?


a tutorial template page sounds great, but isn’t that what a wiki is kinda supposed to be anyway rod? speaking of video tutorials, i also really liked the old Niosumed tutorial which i’ve been trying to use as inspiration myself, for learning the ins and outs of this version of touch, … dworld.asp but lots of it seems out of date in the context of 068, so i’d be keen to see a new version of something like that up on the wiki, may be when jarrett comes back to l.a. i can talk him into doing that.

You’re right that it was odd to have the tutorials category be full of videos and then have nothing in the videos category. I’ve created a new Video Tutorials page as a repository for all Video Tutorials and then put that page in both categories so we get the best of both worlds.

Category:Tutorials is the current repository for tutorials for Touch 068. As you just noticed, there really aren’t any written tutorials at this point :frowning:. We’re trying to avoid having any wiki stuff referencing particularly old (Niosumed) or outdaed (Panel Building) ways of doing things. Once we get around to updating them for new version of Touch (and writing more tutorials for any other fun stuff) the tutorials page will be a much better resource.

I’m going to hold off on any Tutorial templates until we decide exactly how we want them to look (see last paragraph). Even then, it probably won’t be much more than a list itemizing what wiki style elements to use (second level headers vs bold, etc.) but we can always put up a dummy page with it all laid out for easy cut-and-paste tutorial building.

For now, I’ve added a quick item to the bottom of the Manual of Style with general guidelines of when a tutorial is needed and some basic tutorial writing tips. So anyone who wants to write their own can get right to it.


Is there any way to make your standard search case insensitive?

For example, if I search “carve sop”, I get no results. If I search “carve SOP”, boom there it is.