DesignScene London, UK - Looking for TD progamer


We are a creative events company based in Exmouth Market in London, UK.

We are possibly looking to hire a TD programmer for a one off project, with an option of further work with live events.

The project will require programming of a system that will use 4 projectors to projection map on various 3D printed models.

We have a creative studio team which will design the visuals and 3D models but would require an easy workflow to make sure we can change the 3D models with ease.

We would love to hear from your expertise on what is required and discuss an appropriate fee depending on the scale of the project.

Feel free to either email me at

Or call us on 0208 752 8290 and ask for Chris Morgan.

Looking forward to your call.

Many Thanks

Chris Morgan
Video Designer

Sent you a note, look forward to chatting.

Hi Chris,

I’m the TouchDesigner programmer for PixelArtworks and we’re based right around the corner from you on Compton street. If you’re struggling to find someone it might be worth giving our studio a shout.