Desktop Audio into Touch Problems

Hello, Ive been working with TD for about 5 months now and have always had a hard time getting my desktop audio to work with the audio device in chop. Audio files work great, and I have no issues when working with external audio sources via a focusrite scarlett 2i2 interface. But when I try to run desktop audio into TD with VoiceMeeter, I get nothing. I see audio being read in my sound setting and in voicemeeter but get nothing in TD. I have followed along with all the help I can find online and it just seems like there is an issue on my end. If any one can provide any tips/ideas for getting this working I would really appreciate it. Below I’ll provide a link to a folder with screenshots of VoiceMeeter, TD, and my sound settings (because I can only post 1 pic on here). Thanks!

I’m having the same issue. I use Voicemeeter and the ASIO channels work fine for piping into Ableton, but there is no incoming signal when I use the Audio Device In CHOP configured the same way. I’ve tried a bunch of different settings.