Developing in TD across Multiple Monitors

Hey everyone,
I see many posts about how to deploy content across multiple monitors using Perform mode, but I cant seem to find much at all about how people actually develop in Touchdesigner on a multiple monitor setup.

Would anyone care to talk about how you setup and use the extra screen real estate when working in touch? And any how-to’s would be helpful. Thanks yall.

Hey @hunt.casey - are you looking for spanning your network across multiple monitors, or just general ideas about how folks work with multiple monitors when they’re making a project? If you’re after just getting your network to span screens - on NVidia hardware you have to bind your displays together. I think that’s called Surround on non-qudro hardware. On Quadro cards that’s called Mosaic.

Once you change that config your displays will appear to windows as a single contiguous canvas - so Touch, for example, will span across all monitors when maximized.

Personally, I hate that - your parameter window is never close to your network, and navigating an extra wide network view can often become more hassle than it’s work. At least IMO. I usually use a second monitor for all my text editing / scripting, reference docs, and the like. That lets me have one window that’s all TD, with the other display being my web searches, refs, and scripting pieces. I’m sure other folks have some ideas here as well about how they like to organize their work space for TD.

Basicly the same as @raganmd said. I have one bigger screen with 1440p for the whole network and then a second 1080p display for my research and code (even though sometimes I move stuff to the mainscreen). When doing designs then often a preview window is on my seconds screen.

Appreciate your reply @raganmd. That ‘Surround’ deal was a helpful lead. It would appear my Gigabyte laptop’s GeForce GTX 1060 doesnt support it. The specs of this particular laptop and how it draws to multiple monitors has causes me many headaches :frowning:

I often find that I use a split pane to view two networks at once, and imagined I could span across two monitors in that split pane mode, effectively putting 1 network view on each monitor. Alas! On this hardware I cant even. In any case, I’m glad to hear your particular workflow. Its good to know how the pro’s work :slight_smile:

Hey @alphamoonbase, thanks for chiming in. And I appreciate the screenshot! At this point in my Touch experience, I’m pretty light on scripting and code, so I don’t imagine reaping the same benefits from this at the moment. (Could be that I just need to up my scripting game!!!). Cheers!

You can have two network view on different monitors, when you split your window, you can choose “floating window” in one window, move it to the second screen and choose full screen. I use it often with Geometry viewer

Hi @jacqueshoepffner,
I had indeed tried this out, but Touch seems to suffer from that classic multi window slowdown doing things this way. I was also having some trouble when going into perform mode, that floating window seemed to take priority.
First issue seems baked into the way things work. Second issue may just require a little bit more setup on my end. Thoughts?