Different audio outputting to different devices from one pc?


I’m not even sure if this is possible - but maybe it is - How might I be able to output two different audios to two different audio outputs?

What I’m trying to do: I have two different projection mappings with two different touch files. Both mappings are tied to separate audio playing from each file. I have two sets of bluetooth headphones, two projectors, and one PC. Is it possible for me to have everything running and connected on one computer, and have one audio file playing in one set of headphones, and another in the other set? I know I can have different things projecting from the projectors, but still unsure how to do the audio :frowning:

Please let me know, thanks in advance !

As for video, you need to have two different physical output. Easiest is to use a multi output sound card and you can decide which output for each sound, or you can use, for example, your standard output for one and the hdmi sound output for the other.
All is available with audiodeviceout CHOP: driver, device, output
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Thanks for your reply ! Is there any way to choose different outputs using bluetooth devices? i.e. one device connected to my computer’s built in bluetooth, and the other connected to a USB bluetooth dongle?

My only answer is “try”. I dont use bluetooth for sound on my main Windows computer but I use Bose bluetooth on my secondary MacOs and I can choose Bose or another output. If Windows discriminate your outputs, TD must do it in audiodeviceout CHOP.
Best solution is to test!