Different version dialogue on startup

Hi, is there a way to disable different version dialogue on startup? When I try to open file save in newer version it will throw a window reminding me about it but it also force me to click OK button to continue. I can undesrtand it is good to be notfied about version mismatch but if I decide it is ok I would rather have a way to let it automatically start without waiting for human input. I have a restar ton crash manager and since the touchdesigner will be waiting for human input it will never start up this way. So can I somehow disable this warning?

Can you not just save the toe in the older build?
It really can cause unforeseen problems loading a new file in an older build.

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That is exactly what we did. Still, I think that making the dialogue stay, but not blocking opening the file without manual intervention would be nice. So there is no way to overcome this then if I undesratnd correctly?

Sorry I don’t follow.
I meant why don’t you just re-save your file in the earlier version you’re attempting to launch it in?
The popup is an indicator of potentially very risky behavior.