Difficulty with Live feed and prerecorded video


I am having some difficulty in finding the right program and hardware for what I am trying to achieve.
I wish to have a projection of a live feed from a camera transition into prerecorded video and then back into the live feed from the camera.

I have a Macbook pro and a Canon 5d Mk ii . I also have a Elgado Cam Link. The Cam Link does not work in Elgado’s software or Resolume Avenue, but it does work in quicktime player.

I have been looking everywhere for the right hardware and software to achieve this project but I have had no luck so far, A friend recommended Touchdesigner but I am really unsure on how to even test this within the software.

Any help with this would be really really appreciated



Its quite easy in TouchDesigner. With a BlackMagic input (as TB2 UltraStudio MiniMonitor), you can easely crossfade with movie. There is some tutorials explaining how to do it. The most difficult is to find the right settings on your camera and with Blackmagic drivers to obtain a good video. But easely doable.

great thank you very much!