"dirty" equivalent for changed component parameters

Would it be possible to add a new attribute to components similar to the “dirty” read only attribute that is applicable to added parameters? So in the same way that changing something inside a component would flag it as dirty, so adding, removing or changing something about a custom parameter would turn on a similar bool attribute, like parDirty or something?

I’m testing around with modular tox saving workflows and trying to make sure any changes are able to be tracked.


I definitely agree that this is very much needed when working with externalized COMPs

@archo-p do you need it as a separate attribute, or could custom parameter modifications just also flag the OP dirty?

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+1, this is becoming important for me too. some class of dirty that returns true if either a parameter has changed, or something inside the component would be stellar

+1 for change in the parameter-settings. Change in parameter values should not be part of the dirty attribute though.

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Agreed, i think it should be a different attribute, just to be fully informed and make possibly different decisions based on dirty contents vs. dirty parameters. Maybe even two ( or three?) attributes, one for new/removed parameters, one for changed parameter values/modes, and one for parameter attributes changed ( labels, ranges, etc)? Might be getting too detailed since a name change would probably be the same as removing/adding?

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And it would be terrific if the the opfind DAT could find COMPs based on those dirty and parDirty attributes (and properly refreshes if those attributes change state)

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+1 please.