Disable interactivity inside .tox + start video on switch

Hello all, this is my first time posting after having jumped on the TD bandwagon a couple of weeks ago (starting with elekktronaut’s intro course at MusicHackSpace).

I’m trying to see if TD will be the right tool for what I’m doing (for now I have been using After Effects to create videos + Resolume for Live shows… which turns out to be very limited for what I want to do).
I apologize for the long intro into my question, but I feel it is necessary to properly explain the situation.

I work with a band, and for each individual song we play live, I need a different interactive setup (sometimes as simple as playing a video beginning to end, sometimes with a lot more complexity/interactivity).

I’ve setup a project to try this out. With multiple containers each with some interactive network inside.
They all go into a switch that is controlled with my keyboard, then out into the “perform mode” window.

I understand that when a container is not active, it is not cooking… however, it seems that the interactivity happening inside is still triggered. So if for instance in “container 1” I have a video playing, and when I press keyboard “9” key it makes flashes. And if in “container 2” I have a particle system, where each time I press the same keyboard “9” key, it generates a particle… When I switch from 1 to 2 after having played a bit with the first interactive setup, I arrive to a screen that already has multiple particles visible… instead of starting from 0.

As an annex question (but could be similar solution), is there a way for a video inside a container to only start playing from the start when I switch to this container?

I know one solution could be to not have the same keyboard-in keys used on multiple containers, but in a live setup where I will map a midi controller to everything, it’s not really optimal to have each button/etc. be assigned not only to one effect, but only to one particular song…

I hope I’m making sense… Thanks a lot for your help!

If you need to control when keyboard operators work, you can put an expression in their “active” parameters.

I’ve been singing the praises of @Jarrett’s sceneChanger palette component all over the forums, but it’s a good example of how to switch between scenes and disable their cooking when their not active.

If you’re relying on control data that is external to the scene, such as keys, midi, global time/tempo, sensors etc. You’ll need to do a bit more work to keep things from cooking

In my setup, I’ve added callbacks for exiting a scene that also flips a switchCHOP at the beginning of each network that swaps external data for a constant chop with channels that have the same name as external data. This way nothing external to the component will force it to cook when it isn’t active