Displaying Vertical Text

I just got TouchDesigner 2 days ago and would like to display vertical text… And… this is proving harder than I thought, haha.
I looked online and here and I couldn’t find anything so I must be missing something simple…
I tried substituting a text with a special character in between each character, then converting that to a table, then transposing the rows to columns…
I’m just wondering what the best way is to display vertical text.

I had to think for a moment about this too.
I think the easiest solution might be to use a little bit of python in an evalDat with the expression:
"\n".join( me.inputCell.val )
\n is a special character that will be interpreted as a new line.
Normaly. join is used to put arrays of values together into a string, but as a string can also be interpreted as an array of characters, this works here too!