Distoration of mesh being inputted into a Geo node

I am currently working on a simple projection mapping project for my computer science course and using CamSchnappr to do this. I made a 3D model of my object im trying to map in Blendr, and exported it as an obj to use with CamSchnappr, but when I input the mesh into a geo TOP to be used by CamSchnapppr, the shape because extremely distorted and makes the projection inaccurate. Could use some help.

Hey @matthewmillroy,

It is not quite clear why it would look so distorted in the viewer of your Geometry COMP geo1 but for camSchnappr, you would only reference the SOP anyways while the Geometry COMP would be used in the end to render the whole scene with camSchnappr as the camera.
Is there a chance that the Geometry COMP actually has some of it’s transformation parameters changed?