DMX Out CHOP - Packet Per Channel Format

Just thought I’d leave this here in case someone else searches for it (couldn’t find it in the wiki or anything).

To use the “Packet per Channel” mode of art-net output on a DMX Out Chop, you have to format the table that gets referenced via “Art-Net Routing Table” as four columns, and (unless I’m missing something) the table HAS to have the column names in exactly as described in the first row.

“channel”, “net”, “subnet”, “universe”

Then your first column will contain the channel name being input to the CHOP (eg “chan1”) and the second, third and fourth tell it where to send that too (usually 0,0,0 with the last 0 increasing as you add DMX universes)

Then, just input a channel with up to 512 samples in it and each sample will be sent simultaneously as DMX channel 1 through 512 in the order respectively from sample 0 through 511 as fast as the CHOP cooks ( I guess?) though many DMX devices balk at more than 44 or even 30 packets per second

This is as opposed to the Packet per Sample method which will output one DMX channel per CHOP channel and thus I think limits you to one universe per DMX Out CHOP. (Correct me if I’m wrong…)

Also, if anyone knows how to use multiple DMX Out CHOPs simultaneously, do tell. I think I was having a problem doing so until I figured out the “Packet per Channel” method.

Really, TD tells you all this info (what to name your table columns) if you feed it a table with nothing in it (shows error messages with table name requirements in the DMX Out CHOP)

Hope this is helpful to someone and/or added to the wiki. Also, if it’s already there, let me know and this message can be deleted.


Thanks for the info! Super helpful… A quick question, if i want to add a second universe… is it as easy as adding another Enttec ODE? What other options are out there that people have tested besides the ones Derivative has certified?

Yeah as long as you set the ODE to a different universe with their NMU software, it will listen to a different art-net universe. and they all can be on the same network - you’d have to go from the TD computer to a network switch, then to both or any other number of ODEs.

Just a little note, finally the routingtable is automatically added when putting down a Dmx Out CHOP.


I’m trying the DMX Out for the first time and am getting a warning with the routing table.

It’s saying that Universe 0 is reserved and it seems like it’s not outputting.

Any ideas?