DMX out Controlling LED Strip instead of Individual LEDs

Hi all,

I am a TD beginner and am having some issues with DMX out. I followed Ben and Markus’ tutorial on pixel mapping, and I can’t seem to figure out why the DMX out is making the entire LED strip the same color, rather than each LED on the strip a different color.

The devices I am using are:

I have uploaded my TD file and a video of my connection below. Please help me if you can!

2019.06.15 Intro to TouchDesigner for Pixel Mapping.toe (10.9 KB)

Thanks so much for your time,

It seems as though I had the wrong LEDs. The LED strip I chose is non-addressable. On top of that, the decoder I had may not have been fitting for this project. I have returned them and in place am now using a DMXking LeDMX4 Pro. Hope this works, will keep this thread posted!