DMX out to 4 LED stripes

Hi guys, I want to make my first hardware dmx hardware installation.
The goal is to connect my Macbook to 4 LED stripes and send data out of Touchdesigner.

What I did so far:
I watched this TD workshop( Intro to TouchDesigner for Pixel Mapping - Ben Voigt and Markus Heckmann - YouTube) and got this( 13 workshop.toe (8.4 KB) ) project file.

But now I am stuck due to choose the right hardware gear.

My guess for the needed gear is following:

**Will the dmx out recognize the freestyle controller? Will this setup work? **
This is my first approach. Please tell me, if I have overseen something.
Maybe you have experience with another controller, that just works fine etc?

No that USB to DMX device will not work with TouchDesigner.

Do you want the whole LED tape to just be one single color? or do you want to be able to control each individual pixel on that tape? If you want pixel control, you need to get a different kind of LED tape as well. look for one like a WS2812 or WS2815 led tape. One clue is that the labels for the wires going into the LED tape should be something like “Power, Data, Ground” and not “R, G, B” or whatever.

Look for a device that takes ArtNet or sACN input and then use ethernet from your computer to that device instead of USB.