DMX sACN in unicast mode

Is it possible to do sACN in Unicast mode in the dmxCHOP? All of the documentation only mentioned sACN as multicast. I know it’s an unconventional usage of sACN, but the system I’m integrating with uses unicast sACN.

Thanks in advance!

Yeah there is a “Multicast” switch in the DMXin CHOP. Just turn that off and make sure you have the correct “Local Address” selected (IE the IP address of the network card inside your computer that TD is running on) and then have the system you are integrating with unicast to that IP.

Sorry, I was unclear… meant for the dmxoutchop. Ideally I could say “universe1 goes to, universe2 goes to” etc

Oh yeah. Same thing (“Multicast” toggle in the Network tab) but also add a netaddress column in that attached Routing DAT and that can hold the IP Address per universe to Unicast to.

This is it! Thank you so much. It works as advertised!