Does Kinect1 support multiple players/iterators in TouchDesigner?

Hi there fellow people, I’ve been using the Kinect 1 model 1414 for a while with Processing and now I’m using with TouchDesigner. I’ve made a program that uses the Kinect TOP and RGB camera to display iterator’s images and the Kinect CHOP to use some skeletal data to affect the image filter parameter’s I’ve designed. However, I’ve realized my program works fine as long as there is only one person in front of the sensor interacting, multiple bodies cause the program to not respond as designed. So I’ve been reserching the Documentation and in the Kinect CHOP page it states that there is a parameter called " Max Players maxplayers - Limits how many players to track".

So I went back to TouchDesigner to implement some changes in my program and use this parameter to see if I could fix the problem, however, maxplayers is disabled. I tried to change the Kinect version to “kinect 2” and the parameter turns enabled…can someone clear this for me: Is it only with Kinect 2 that maxplayers can be used? If so, what can I do to resolve this issue? Use multiple kinects? Thanks in advance community!